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CNN: On the Road


CNN is on the road in Georgia. Our journey begins in Tbilisi, where we explore the capital's cultural revival. Entrepreneur Sofia Tchkonia introduces us to the burgeoning fashion scene, graffiti artist Dr. Love shows us how he is transforming the city streets with his spray cans, at the National Ballet we see how folk dance is being given a modern twist, and we speak to Oscar-nominated movie director Zaza Urushadze about the revival of the country's film industry. From Tbilisi, we head to one of the highest and most remote villages in Europe to discover why Ushguli was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site heritage site twenty years ago and explore how its indigenous Svan community are working to preserve their 3,000-year-old language and traditions. Our journey ends on the coast of the Black Sea, where GEM Fest, the country's largest international electronic music festival, gets underway. We discover why the world's number one DJ, Armin van Buuren, wanted to perform in the country for the first time and speak to top Georgian DJs to explore the growing popularity of electronic music in Eastern Europe and discover why Georgia is set to become the next top destination for music lovers.
Release date2015-08-15
Duration30 min
Production CountryUnited States
Production Year2015
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