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CNN ‘On The Road’ explores what lies ahead for India by getting to know the children who will build its future. Join CNN International correspondent Paula Newton as she journeys across this vibrant country, travelling through schools, temples, cricket grounds and dance academies to meet the youthful Indians who are shaping what will soon become the youngest country on earth. Highlights of the coverage include: EINSTEIN IN THE VILLAGE Agastya International Foundation is an NGO whose mobile science labs roam more than 600,000km a year in India reaching over 10,000 schools. ‘On The Road’ journeys with Agastya as they inspire impoverished children in rural India to change their country’s destiny with science. SERVING UP SUCCESS India’s mid-day meal program works on a simple concept: children fed well at school will feel better, learn more and keep coming to school. ‘On the Road’ travels to one of the most famed cities in India, Jaipur, to see how the mid-day meal program has become a transformative force for children’s education and ensures India’s newest generation will be well- nourished enough to meet its full potential. GURU KNOWS BEST? The Golden Temple in Amritsar is built on the ‘pool of immortality’. Its name and inspiration resonates for young Sikhs finding a new way to reconcile their spiritual future with their religious history. ‘On The Road’ visits Amritsar during one of the one of the most spiritual times of the year to speak with devout Sikhs who are tutoring their young to preserve and strengthen their faith. CRICKET DREAMS Cricket is a national passion in India and tens of millions of young Indian boys dream of a future as a cricket star. ‘On the Road’ speaks with young cricketers and their families to find out whether an academy system similar to European football academies can help their game and their dreams. A PASSION FOR DANCE ‘On the Road’ pirouettes to India’s cultural capital Kolkata to meet one of India’s most celebrated modern dancers and choreographers Tanusree Shankar. She teaches children as young as five her unique dance form that blends both traditional and modern elements and attempts to inspire her charges to be eternal students in all walks of life.
Release date2016-02-26
Duration30 min
Production CountryUnited States
Production Year2016
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