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CNN Philippines Now

Andrew Stevens presents Philippines Now, a 30 minutes special that showcases the people and industries that personify the Philippines. Highlights include: Jeepneys: Driving the Philippines Nothing embodies Filipino culture quite like the iconic, ubiquitous Jeepney – former G.I. jeeps that served one purpose in the Second World War before being transformed into a means of mass transport and then further elevated to mobile canvasses for local artists. CNN takes you on a ride through Manila to see how Jeepneys are made and designed and how they’ve adapted with the times. Coconuts The world is having a love affair with all things coconut. Coconut water, oil, flour, flakes and spread are just the tip of the iceberg. The Philippines is the world’s second biggest producer of coconuts but an aging tree population and damage done by natural disasters are creating some challenges. CNN looks at how the coconut industry is evolving and continuing to capitalize on the strong demand for its products. Coral reefs The Philippines is at the apex of the so-called “Coral Triangle”, a region celebrated as the most diverse marine ecosystem on the planet – not to mention a big draw for tourists. Climate change and destructive fishing practices are threatening the country’s coral reefs, with consequences both environmental and economical. CNN follows a group that is trying to protect the reefs and spread awareness. Women Flying High Traditionally, women in the Philippines sought work overseas, in many cases making them the breadwinners of their families but keeping them away from their loved ones. Now there are growing opportunities at home specifically aimed at women. A pilot training academy is at the forefront of getting women into the cockpit, allowing them to reach for the sky. Center Stage The Philippines is the spiritual home of karaoke. It’s the country’s national pastime: karaoke machines can be found in almost every household and at every occasion and the patent is held by a Filipino. With more casinos being developed, so too are the Vegas-esque performance venues within them, elevating this national pastime from home to the stage.
Release date2016-03-29
Duration30 mins
GenreCNN Specials - Asia
Production CountryHong Kong
Production Year2015
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