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New Zealand: Down South

CNNGo heads down to experience the pristine beauty of New Zealand's Otago Region. Typically known as a winter destination, we cruise around Queenstown with professional mountain biker Kelly McGarry to see why summer is the new winter. A fertile land formed by glaciers, we'll get a taste of what makes Otago wine some of the best in the world with Mount Edward winery's Duncan Forsyth. He also takes us on a stroll through historic Arrowtown and tops it all off with a tour of some of Queenstown's best restaurants including Michelin star chef Josh Emett's Rata. Our next stop is in Wanaka where we meet up with Olympic triathlete Nicky Samuels who shows us why the crystal clear lakes and winding trails are the perfect setting for anyone looking to take in the fresh air. We'll also get a tour of Mou Waho Island where eco tour guide Chris Riley introduces us to some of the rarest species in New Zealand and shows us a spectacular view of what calls ""nature's infinity pool."" The last stop on the tour is the university town of Dunedin. With school out for summer, we enjoy the peace and quiet with artist Simon Kaan. He reveals some of the hidden gems of the Otago Peninsula where you can surf and dig for clams in the most serene surroundings. Then fashion designer Margi Robertson of Nom*d lets us experience what she says many in Dunedin take for granted: its wildlife. This is one of the few places you can see soaring royal albatross and the world's smallest penguins. Finally, we refresh ourselves with Kelly Linday from Green Man Brewery to learn about the craft beer boom in New Zealand. He also takes us to the Dunedin Public Art Gallery for some interactive art and shows us his favorite beach that's only five minutes away from the city center.
Duration30 min
GenreCNN Travel & Lifestyle
Episode No.44
Production CountryUnited States
Production Year2014
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