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CNNGo heads to Seville, one of the more traditional but vibrant cities of Spain. The Andalusian capital has a rich and fascinating history - from its Roman origins more than 2000 years ago, to a Moorish influence from the south and a Christian reconquest which left the city with layers of enchanting architecture. Sevillianos work hard to sustain their reputation for flamboyance, so we meet up with Spain's top flamenco dancer, Rocio Molina, as she takes us around her city to find out what drives her passion for performing. It's a small city in size but complex in character, so we hop on a bicycle and follow resident travel blogger Mary Biles, an English expat who calls Seville home. She tells us why the people love nothing more than to enjoy life 'slowly', from eating out for breakfast to the art of making and designing clothes with love and care. We then take a look at Seville through the eyes of local who sees the city in detail like no other - photographer Juan Delgado. He shows us his favourite places to capture the incredible light and textures throughout its ancient streets, and his passion for the art of food, as he photographs some of the cities top cuisines. As the sun sets we end the day examining the underground music scene, with DJ Jesus. From his favourite rooftop bar with an unrivalled view, to the bohemian and artistic quarter of Alamada de Hercules, we're shown why alternative music is capturing the attention of Seville's younger generation.
Release date2015-02-11
Duration30 min
GenreCNN Travel & Lifestyle
Episode No.56
Production CountryUnited States
Production Year2015
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