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Destination India

Destination India 2

India is a land of contrasts, a kaleidoscope of cultures and traditions that are rich and steeped in history. From architectural marvels to time-honored crafts and religious celebrations, we delve into the distinctive sights and sounds of this South Asian nation. In Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, we explore the art of Kathputli, an ancient form of puppetry and one of the oldest forms of entertainment in the desert state. For centuries, traditional puppet shows have told tales of mythology and Rajasthani royalty. We meet a local family of puppet makers and craftsmen who have inherited their skill from their ancestors. We travel to Varanasi as the city takes on different hues during one of India's most colorful festivals, Holi. There, we explore the city's tradition in handmade textiles and journey along the sacred Ganges River, a source of spiritual purification for devout Hindus. From crowded alleyways to broad boulevards, we travel to Chandigarh to follow in the footsteps of the Swiss-born master of modern architecture, Le Corbusier. In an effort to preserve the architect's legacy, the city's iconic Capitol Complex is undergoing renovation; we gain exclusive access to the UNESCO World Heritage Site and meet the team of engineers who have been tasked with renovating the complex. In the capital, New Delhi, we delve into the city's music scene and nightlife with local artist Prabh Deep, who has taken the Indian hip-hop scene by storm.
Duration30 mins
GenreCNN Specials - Asia
Episode No. out of Series Total2
Production CountryUnited States
Production Year2018
CNN cartoon network adult swim Great Big Story pogo tv trutv tntdrama TCM Copa90 CNNe