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Feast on Dubai

Feast on Dubai

It's been said that that the best way to know a city is through its food. The culinary landscape of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, tells the story of a city at the crossroads between East and West: a Middle Eastern hub, where cultures and cuisines from all corners of the globe have converged for decades, creating a food scene as diverse as the city itself.

There's more to Dubai than meets the eye: we look back to the city's trading past with star chef Vineet Bhatia, to see how Indian food has influenced the local cuisine. Known as the godfather of modern Indian cooking, Vineet Bhatia opened his first fine-dining restaurant in Dubai back in 2005. Since then, the chef has been adding his own, modern twist to traditional dishes that have fed the local Indian community for decades. We follow the chef to Bur Dubai, where he shows us that there's plenty of Indian fare to be found in the streets of the city - if you know where to look.

As well as attracting Michelin-starred chefs from all corners of the globe, Dubai is seeing the emergence of homegrown concepts: more and more chefs, artisans and farmers are embracing locality with the aim to find more sustainable food sources. We travel to Dibba Bay with chefs Nick Alvis and Scott Price to visit the first oyster farm in the UAE, and we meet the man who set up a smokehouse in his garden in the heart of the city - Hattem Mattar smokes brisket using a technique that has its roots in the American South, but is infused with local spices. And finally, we tease our taste buds at Taste of Dubai: a celebration of the city's cuisine.
Release date2019-07-08
Duration30 Minutes
GenreCNN Specials - Europe, Middle East and Africa
Production CountryUnited States
Production Year2019
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