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CNN: MainSail

Super Yachts

A super yacht at a dockside is a crowd puller. Like a Ferrari it always attracts onlookers posing for photographs - but nobody gets too close. On this month's edition of 'MainSail', host Shirley Robertson takes a look inside the exclusive world of the super yacht. She discovers that for the six strong full-time crew members on board the 150-foot long super yacht SALPERTON, delivering perfection on a daily basis is less a job and more a way of life. This is a place where sliding doors are the boundary between the owners' world and the crews' quarters, and Shirley has acquired 'access all areas' to one of the planet's most beautiful yachts to see just how life of board works. She is with the crew as they face their daily duties, from delivering a cordon bleu dinner party, making hydraulic repairs, racing the 249 tonne yacht in close quarters with others of a similar size, to making sure that the service on board for guests is immaculate. Shirley then observes how the crew are prepared for all eventualities, including an emergency at sea.
Duration30 Mins
GenreCNN Sport
Episode No. out of Series Total74
Production CountryUnited States
Production Year2019
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