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In sailing, the weather can be a source of frustration, of exhilaration and of fear, all in equal measure. But without it, the sport would quite simply not exist. Shirley Robertson travels the globe, from the Hawaiian island of Oahu to Portland Harbour in Dorset, England, to find out how this uncontrollable force can be harnessed to maximize the chance of success.

Meeting some of the sport’s biggest names, including Emirates Team New Zealand’s America’s Cup-winning CEO Grant Dalton and Dee Caffari, one of only six women to have completed the gruelling solo round-the-world yacht race, the Vendee Globe, Shirley discovers the impact that the study of meteorology has on sailors, from short races around marks inshore, all the way to entire laps of the planet.
Duration30 Minutes
GenreCNN Sport
Episode No. out of Series Total173
Production CountryUnited States
Production Year2018
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