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Quest's World of Wonder

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is all things, all at once. A versatile tapestry where time stands still on one end and never stops at another. Hong Kong is a perplexing place, a city defying its very geography, where the sky seems to have no limit, in real estate or at the race track. It’s a place where food can be history for the mind and history itself food for the soul. And yes, it’s still the place melding Eastern and Western cultures as it adapts to a changing future. Join Richard Quest, as he explores the DNA of Hong Kong.
Release date2019-03-23
Duration30 Minutes
GenreBusiness & Current Affairs
Episode No. out of Series Total10
Production CountryUnited States
Production Year2019
CNN cartoon network adult swim Great Big Story pogo tv trutv tntdrama TCM Copa90 CNNe