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Tokyo POV

Tokyo is a city of contrasts. It is both old and new, fast and slow. While you may be familiar with the main sights, there is a newly discovered side of the city. In the CNN 30-minute special program, ‘Tokyo POV’, six leading bloggers from very diverse backgrounds share their favourite spots and an insiders’ perspective to Tokyo. Six leading bloggers featured in the program are: • Tokyo by Bike’s Byron Kidd talks about cycling culture in Tokyo. • Food Sake Tokyo’s Yukari Sakamoto takes CNN to a ‘foodie walk’ in Tokyo’s upmarket district Ginza. • Japanese American YouTube artist Melodee Morita visits the ‘kawaii’ monster cafe and the sky terrace. • Ramen Adventures’s Brian MacDuckston hunts for the unique ramen in Tokyo. • DJ and musician Mademoiselle Yulia shows her Harajuku fashion and Japanese entertainment. • Tokyo Times’s Lee Chapman explores Hikifune, an old part of east Tokyo.
Release date2016-08-12
Duration30 min
GenreCNN Travel & Lifestyle
Episode No. out of Series Total1 / 1
Production CountryHong Kong
Production Year2016
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