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CNN: Winning Post

SHOW #81 - White Turf

Winning Post heads to Switzerland for White Turf, which is held over three weekends in January, in St. Moritz, and sees thoroughbreds battling for supremacy in the snow.

While a majority of competitors hail from neighboring countries, where similar weather conditions make training easier, there are a select few overseas entries. UK based trainer John Best is an advocate of this unique event, and Aly Vance catches up with him at his yard in Kent as he puts one of the favorites for success in the Alps this year, Berrahri, through his paces before heading out to the mountains. Once in St. Moritz, Aly immerses herself in the valley’s culture, which includes learning more about local discipline and stand-out crowd pleaser over the three-week festival, Skikjoring, involving fearless “jockeys” controlling the horses, not from the saddle, but from behind them on skis. She takes to the slopes with overall winner of the event for the past two years, Valeria Holinger, to find out what’s required to excel in this daring pursuit.

Come race day, it’s the chance to see both Valeria and Berrahri in action, joining fur-clad fans for a race meeting like no other, that, remarkably, takes place on the exclusive five-star resort’s frozen lake.
Duration30 Minutes
Episode No. out of Series Total81
Production CountryUnited States
Production Year2019
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