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World Sport Presents: Roger Revealed

There’s the Roger Federer we all know - the dominant champion, and most successful male tennis player in history. But what makes Roger tick? Who is the man behind the trophies and titles?

From his first kiss, to becoming a father; from the tragic death of his inspiring coach, to 20 major championships; from the one opponent he wishes he could have played, to how he hopes to be remembered - and it has nothing to do with what he’s accomplished on the court itself - this is tennis legend Roger Federer as we’ve never seen him before. CNN's Christina Macfarlane guides the exclusive conversation through a full range of emotions, while some of those closest to Roger lend their own perspectives and reflection. Premiering just ahead of Roger’s 20th Wimbledon appearance, where he’ll compete for his ninth title, this is an unforgettable story of the life of an extraordinary man, athlete, father, and philanthropist in a way only Roger himself can tell it.
Release date2019-06-10
Duration30 Minutes
GenreCNN Specials
Production CountryUnited States
Production Year2019
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